Bale lies between the cities Rovinj and Vodnjan, on a surface of 81,65 sqm it has about 1300 citizens. Formerly a roman castrum which in the middle age became a small city surrounded by city walls and named Castrum Vallis, first time mentioned in 965. Today it is a small city with the historic heart on 145 m above the sea level and surrounded with 10 hills, once with roman walls on it. The Istrian tradition and architecture are shown by the archaeological findings that mention the fortress in Bale as a defence fortress of the trade route that led to Pula and central Istria. For sightseeing is here the Kastel Soardo-Bembo, the tower from the 19th century in the city centre or the city hall with the loggia from the 14th century. Earlier in history there where dinosaurs walking here, which foot steps are visible in the bay of Centinera and the remains, such as bones, can be found in the city hall.

With all the camping places, restaurants, bars, diverse events, especially in the summer months, is Bale a place where you`ll find everything you need for the holiday. The oldest collective exposition Castrum Vallis gives Bale a special story, it unites many artists who present their perception of the world, a unique magic experience brings the Jazz Festival and the traditional “Night of Bale” shows how dance, music and home-made food rule the town for this special night.

The visitors of Bale go home enriched by the Istrian tradition, the way of life here and the cuisine, which taste and scent invite you to visit it again.

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