Holiday homes and apartments in Rovinj

Situated in the centre of Istria's west coast is possibly the most picturesque Istrian coastal town, the romantic Rovinj. The old town's attractive silhouette, situated on a small peninsula, which includes the grandiose Church of Saint Euphemia with its Baroque bell tower, is one of Istria's most recognizable motifs. The old town's beauty has been recognized by many artists who have opened their studios in the ''artists' street'' – Grisia which descends from St Euphemia's church towards the old town's centre.

Rovinj is protected from the sea by a tall rocky shore and by the walls of the houses that are literally descending to the water, giving Rovinj its nickname ''the Istrian Venice''. Nearly all the town's streets lead to one place – Saint Euphemia's Church on top of a hill, the town's most important cultural and historical monument. The church is built in Venetian Baroque style and dedicated to the saint and martyr whose sarcophagus, according to legend, floated into Rovinj around 800 AD. The feast day of Saint Euphemia, held in mid-September, is one of Istria's largest spontaneous public gatherings, with pilgrims arriving from all over Istria and beyond.

The coastline between Rovinj and the Lim channel (the Rovinj islands and hinterland) is a landscape with beautiful forests of evergreen oak and pine. The Golden Cape is the most significant park surface on the east Adriatic coast; the Palud Bay is an ornithological reserve with over 200 bird species, while the Monfiorenzo quarry is a protected geological monument of global value.

A mere 14 kilometres towards Pula is the likable small town Bale built around the medieval castle of the noble families Sardo and Bembo from the fifteenth century. Bale is another example of typical Istrian towns built on a hill with narrow streets and stone houses. It is dominated by the bell tower of the Church of Saint Julian from the nineteenth century, while the most important monument is the Bembo Palace which has recently been completely renovated. In the nearby Colona bay, a very important site of fossils of several species of dinosaurs has been discovered.


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