Holiday homes and apartments in Labin and Rabac area

City of the Renaissance and Baroque, Labin, situated on the east coast of Istria combines seventeen villages and is distant only 3 km from the sea and from the touristic more developed city Rabac.

Labin is located on the territory of the former Roman settlement Albona and since 1295 the government has changed several times, so it was under the authority of the county of Pazin, later under the jurisdiction of Venice after which the government has been taken from the side of Austria. 
The Republic of Labin, which has been of short duration, was one of the most famous and most significant events in the history of Labin. The city known for its mining activities today has developed into a touristic town which has a remarkable offer of capacities in tourist industry. History has left Labin many historic mansions, some of which are famous palaces of the family Scampicchio, Franković-Vlacic, Manzini and Negri from which points out the palace of Battiala-Lazzarini from the XVIII century.

The east coast of Istria  is known for its Mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches and the sea. Fishing was a primary branch but soon tourism took place, so that today Rabac and the surrounding villages achieve enviable numbers of arrivals and overnight stays. Near Rabac are situated medieval towns as Pićan, Gračišće, Paz and Boljun that are highly recommendable to visit. At the hills of mountain Učka it is possible to hike, and further south, at Skitača with a magnificent view of the Kvarner, apart from hiking, there is also a possibility for other sports like rock climbing, horseback riding and cycling.

Times when Italy ruled the Istrian peninsula have left in the area of Labin hotels which are now modern renovated. Labin and Rabac and its surroundings offer a large selection of holiday resorts, campsites and a large number of holiday homes and apartments in private accommodation.
The pebble beaches with view of the nearby islands and the bay of Kvarner are often called the Pearl of Kvarner. Except of the natural beaches there are also equipped beaches near the hotels which offer water sports, beach chairs and a diverse selection of food and beverages.

Istrian cuisine will delight everyone with its variety and balance. Sometimes fluttery showing its Mediterranean face, and sometimes that Continental. Istrian cuisine easily adapts to seasons of the year, and with superb olive oil and more varieties of great wines completes its flavour. No matter at which time of the year you arrive, the art of Istrian cuisine and gastronomy will be open to you equally strong, passionate and intense. Various annual events, such as the Istria Gourmet Festival, always offer something new to its guests. The flavours and aromas of the Mediterranean are joined in the carefully prepared dishes of Istrian pasta with asparagus or truffles, Istrian cattle meat and a rich selection of seafood delicacies.
The cycling trails of Labin area are a little bit more demanding, yet all those who choose to come to the east coast of Istria by this trail are rewarded with breath-taking panoramic view on the bay and islands.


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