The municipality of Sveti Lovreč is located in the western part of Istria county and it borders with the towns Porec, Rovinj, Vrsar, Kanfanar and Tinjan. Area of Sveti Lovrec has the largest number of small settlements per km2 in Istria. It stretches at over 30 km2 and has about 1000 inhabitants.

Basic name is derived from the name of the local patron, an early Christian martyr St. Lawrence, on whose day, August 10,  is celebrated also the day of the municipality. The very town and municipalitiy are commonly referred as the short variant, Lovrec. The generations of neighboring villages of Sveti Lovrec use the name The City.

Numerous archaeological sites in the lower layers of the medieval walls of the City, point to the existence of a fort culture from the late Bronze and Iron Ages. Sveti Lovrec was first mentioned on a map from 1030.g. as "castrum sancti Laurentia". Written document about Sveti Lovreč dated from 24.11.1186. testifies about the struggle of Porec and Sveti Lovrec for the castle Kalisedo. St. Lovrec is voluntarily placing itself under the protection of Venice, whose Great Council in 1271. accepted the protection of St. Lovrec under the same conditions as the other Istrian towns. 

The employment opportunities today in  Sveti Lovrec are very little, so the most of the population travels outside the living places to work and that is mainly to Porec. In lately, the tourism, especially rental of the holiday  homes, assumes an increasingly important role. The surrounding picturesque villages are offering mostly a panoramic sea view and it is one of the main advantages for building new villas with swimming pool.

Sveti Lovrec is vivid also in a winter time. One of the most important events is the "Live Nativity scene in Sv.Lovrec". During the Christmas and New Year holidays the live Nativity scene is staging. Three evenings between 20.12. and 06.01. in the evening hours, more than 150 costumed participants evoke the atmosphere of the most beautiful night of Bethlehem. At the main square is organised the Christmas fair where people can buy different handmade decorations and souvenirs and where is also represented the local agricultural economy. The whole place is decorated to illustrate an authentic scene of that time, with the fires at the open air, a variety of farm animals, presentations of old crafts and a live baby who represents Jesus Christ. All this with a glass of mulled wine and hot tea with local pastry, „fritule“ and „krostule“.

In the very town of Lovreč, visitors will find everything that they need for everyday stay: grocery store, pizzeria, cafe and ATM, and in the nearby Lim Channel, which is famous for breeding fish and shellfish, is located one of the leading fish restaurants in Istria. 

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