Nova Vas is located 4 km northeast of Porec in the direction Porec - Višnjan. The place has about 350 inhabitants.

This area has been inhabited since prehistoric and ancient times, but as an established place was founded in the year 1535. when the Venetian authorities settled refugees from Dalmatia, fleeing from the Turks,  on the place of an older settlement.

In Nova Vas is located the most famous cave in the region. Cave Baredine has been visited since ancient times, and the first documented explorations date back to the beginnings of the last century from speleologists from Trieste, when it was explored to a depth of 80 m. In the 1973 speleologists from the Speleological Society "Proteus" from Porec revealed, in the bottom of the cave, passage leading down to the underground lakes, to the present depth of the pit. On their own initiative in 1986 cave Baredine, because of its uniqueness, was declared as a natural monument. In the early nineties, in the cave, are begining concrete reconstructing works and since May 1995 has been opened for the visitors. In the next few years, its infrastructure was regulated, with which have been created conditions for quality stay of the visitors, as in the cave and also around it.

Together with a cave has been made a very interesting project, an exhibition of the oldtimer tractors – named „Tractor story“ which is every year recording better and better touristic results. Tractor story is the first permanent exhibition of vintage tractors in Croatia, opened in 2010 as a collection of fifty tractors, threshers and other agricultural machinery and numerous photographs and documents from that time. The exhibition is emphasizing the old Fordson tractor from 1923, the first tractor that came in the nearby place Nova Vas, with an old engine with a heated head, which was at the beginning of the last century used to run a mill in Porec.

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." - Henry Ford

Nova Vas is a place which strongly gravitates towards the city of Porec. This place has grown from the small village into a bigger place and it continues to spread. More and more people choose Nova Vas as a new place of residence. In the place exists a post office, shop, bakery, restaurant and school. Due to its favorable location near the city and the sea, there were built many villas with swimming pool. The houses are mostly built with the sole purpose of renting them and they are not inhabited during the winter season.

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