The municipality of Kastelir - Labinci is located in the western coast of Istria, 13 km northeast from Porec. Two settlements, Kastelir and Labinci over the centuries were gradually  upgraded what resulted in their merger and today they are one settlement. According to historical records Labinci was once a bigger settlement than Kaštelir, whereas today is reverse.

The municipality has a population of 1,500 inhabitants. During the Venetian authorities, the people who were banished from Dalmatia and Bosnia inhabited this region, fleeing from the Turks. North of Kastelir, above the Mirna river valley, have been found the remains of a medieval fortified settlement Nigrinjana, today called Gradina. Through Kaštelir also passed Via Flavia, military road, existing from the prehistoric times, which has from Trieste, river Mirna and Porec leading to Pula.

The population is mainly engaged in tourism, small entrepreneur and in producing wine, olive oil, honey and growing of potatoes and vegetables. Many of those wineries are indicated at the map of Istrian wine roads, and many houses are refurbished to accommodate tourists. In the close vicinity of Kastelir are located many winemakers, and for some is worth to set aside some time to visit them and taste their wines. Winery Pilato, situated in the village Vrh Lašići, is one of the most important wine producers in the region and tasting their wines is an exquisite feeling. In addition to the wines Pilato at the immediate vicinity exist also several renowned winemakers.

The Istrian peninsula, including Kastelir, offers plenty of opportunities for an active holiday. North of Kastelir, in the direction of the river Mirna is located well known paragliding airfield. Several marked cycling routes are passing through Kaštelir and Labinci, which are made as for fans of road routes and for mountain bike drivers. Near Kaštelir, in direction of Vižinada, was passing the railway Parenzana that has been, in  the early 20th century, connecting Porec and Trieste. Today the  railway does not exist and the route has been turned into a beautiful bike and walking paths with bridges and tunnels from the past times.

Culture and history of the municipality Kaštelir - Labinci is still underutilized as a source of touristic offer. However, a large part of events are related to its tradition. Kastelir - Labinci is well known for the cultivation of potatoes, which locals call „gramper“ and in which honor is traditionally, every year, at a time when the mature potatoes have been harvested, held a local fest called "Granperijada". At the „Granperijada“, where judges are rewarding the biggest and strangest potatoes, are prepared a handful of potato dishes, held several races in peeling potatoes and more. All made with and from potatoes, done with fun and gaiety.

This area is surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, olive groves, vineyards and many fields and its forests are rich with mushrooms and asparagus.

The municipality Kaštelir - Labinci is now one of the most important municipality for accommodation in holiday houses at the Porec area. With the help of its hilly position, many beautiful  houses with swimming pool and panoramic view on the sea and surrounding towns, have been built at this area. Kastelir - Labinci has today a significant role in the touristic offer of the west coast of Istria.

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