Dracevac is an istrian village located 7 km east-southeast of Porec. According to the 2001 population census, counts 130 inhabitants. It has a good strategic position at the intersection of local roads that connect the surrounding villages. The population is mainly engaged in agriculture and livestock breeding, and lately tourism and house renting.

The wider area is inhabited since prehistoric times, as is evident by the Illyrian ruins from the Bronze Age found on the hills, Malovar, Picugi, Montizana. In ancient times the area belonged to the Parentin's ager (land). According to the records, settlement Dračevac arose in the Middle Ages. In that period it was surrounded by walls with a small fort used for the defense. After depopulation caused by war and epidemics between 1573. and 1577., Dračevac is inhabited by six families (Morlachs) as part of organized colonization of the Venetian Republic. Fallow land was  allocated to the immigrants and their arrival there caused a change in the structure of agriculture and the livestock breeding becomes equally represented as well as agriculture. The population has in several times increased until 1622.g. when new wave of colonization appeared, mainly from Dalmatia, Montenegro, Albania and Friuli, Treviso and Greek Crete.

Dracevac is now a small town with a multitude of new and renovated holiday houses with the intention for renting to the tourists. The most of those houses is with swimming pool and no one lives in it during the period they are not rented. Dračevac is one of the few places in Istria where the most of the old stone houses are restored and been rented.


Fuskulin is an istrian village located 9 km southeast of Porec. According to the population census from 2001. it counts 155 inhabitants. Fuskulin is located just 3 km souther from Dracevac, so the same historical overview can be applied to Fuskulin.

Fuskulin is situated on a hilly side faced to the west, from where spreads a beautiful sea view and the view at town Funtana. At that area are built numerous holiday houses with swimming pool.

In the place there is a restaurant „Mica Konoba“ which in dialect means „Small Tavern“. The tavern is small restaurant, but produces "big" (great) food. For those who want to taste authentic Istrian dishes, in Mica Konoba, they will find a paradise for their palate. In Fuskulin exists one of the youngest and most successful wine producers in Porec area, Ivan Damjanic. Wines Damjanic, according to the owner's words, is not the product, it is the creation of love and desire for perfection. The way of expression and communication with the world. Lifestyle.

Fuskulin and Dracevac are ideal locations for making the holiday in the direct contact with nature but still close to the big tourist place like Porec. This two places are also excellently positioned for those who want to enjoy their holiday in peace as well as for those who want an active holiday. Through Fuskulin is passing a mountain bike trail, which is also suitable for trekking and Nordic walking. Near Fuskulin is located famous tourist resort Zelena Laguna and aquapark Aquacolors.

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