Baderna is a small place within the municipality of Porec, located 13 km east of Porec. It has about 200 inhabitants. Formerly it was an important transit hub as it is located at the intersection of the state roads Porec/Pazin and Pula/Koper. However, after the construction of the higway, Istrian Y, road Pula/Koper loses its importance and therefore also Baderna as a transport hub.

The place has a hillfort character, and the whole area has been inhabited since Roman times. The resort was during the plague epidemic in the 14th century deserted. In the year of  1541. on the locality of Monte Paderno immigrants from Dalmatia, western Bosnia and the Boka Kotorska have established a settlement. Because of its position at the Venetian-Austrian border, Baderna was often the place of armed conflict between peasants from two sides of the border (betwee places under the Venetian jurisdiction: Sv. Lovrec and Badrena and Austrian jurisdiction: Tinjan).

Baderna is functioning quite autonomously because it has all the facilities similar to a small town. In the place exist: a shop, post office, nursery school, school, gas station, restaurant and pizzeria. Baderna is well known by its production of a codfish, and until recently there was a hotel that was due to the ownership problems, unfortunately, closed and is now abandoned property.

The population is mainly engaged in farming and cattle breeding, but lately more in tourism. A large number of old Istrian houses were renovated into houses with swimming pool. Also, the facilities which the time has slowly ran over, are refurbished into the new and modern apartments. At this area were built a few of new villas with a swimming pool with intention of renting and which are now achieving very good occupancy also in the period outside of the summer season.

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