Holiday homes and apartments in Porec

The area of the town Poreč, which also includes the Tar-Vabriga and Kaštelir-Labinci municipalities, offers very nicelydecorated tourist destinations, ideal for family holidaysas well as a wide variety of sports and recreational features and a rich cultural heritage. Additionally, this area offers plenty of entertainment throughout the holiday resorts and the town itself: beach bars and cafe bars and after midnight the pleasant atmosphere of night clubs and discos, and during July and August an attractive open-air art stage - the Poreč Street Art.

Porečthe former Roman Colonia Iulia Parentium, is an exceptional example of a small town developed in Romanesque architecture with subsequently built beautiful Venetian Gothic palaces. The classic Roman street layout based on the Decumanus street which joins the east and the west, the Cardo Maximus street which joins the north and south and the Roman square Forum – Marafor has been completely preserved to this day. Poreč reached its peak during the reign of the Byzantine emperor Justinian, which is reflected in Poreč's most valuable cultural/historical monument – the Euphrasian basilica. The construction of the Basilica was started in the fourth century and finished in the mid-sixth century during the period of the bishop Euphrasius. The basilica is constructed in the Byzantine style and the mosaics decorating the facade and interior are among the most beautiful preserved works of Byzantine art in the world. Due to its outstanding historical value and soundness, the Basilica complex was included in UNESCO's World Heritage List in 1997. 

The most significant monuments of medieval architecture are the Romanesque House with its interesting wooden balcony, the Gothic Pentagonal Tower – the former town gates, the beautiful Gothic Zuccato Palace and one of the oldest houses built in Romanesque style – the House of Two Saints. Poreč's offer of accommodation in hotels, apartments and campsites, as well as private apartments and holiday homes with swimming pool are usually found north and south of the old town in the tourist resorts Lanterna, Špadići, Brulo, Plava Laguna and Zelena Laguna where we can find nice beaches with many European Blue Flags marking their quality. Furthermore, the Poreč area offers a number of sports activities, which in recent years has transformed it into a popular destination for professional and recreational athletes from all over Europe.
A rich offer can be found in surrounding areas and villages where we must highlight the many restaurants and Istrian taverns offering tasty Mediterranean cuisine. 


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