Holiday homes, villas with pool and apartements in Istria

Istria is the largest Adriatic peninsula situated in the north of the Adriatic Sea, with its territory split between three countries – Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. The Croatian part with a surface area of 2820 sq. km is the largest, with well-developed tourism and a rich offer of accommodation in apartments, holiday homes and villas with pool.

With a population of approximately 210 000, an indented coastline of a total of 445 km, a mild Mediterranean climate, green inland and a rich historical and cultural heritage, Istria is a very pleasant region to live in as well as being an attractive year-round holiday destination. 

During the summer Istria is Central Europe's nearest warm sea; providing tourists not only with accommodation in nicely decorated quality hotels and apartments and swimming in the crystal-clear sea, but also with many sports, entertainment and cultural facilities and open-air festivals, with the best-known ones being the many concerts held in the Arena – a 2000-year old roman amphitheatre. The Istrian seabed and numerous diving centres enable the discovery of this ''hidden treasure'', while the Istrian underground with over 2000 caves is a very attractive area for experienced as well as less experienced cavers.

Enthusiasts of cultural and historical monuments will be content with Istria due to remains of a long history dating back to prehistoric times and continuing through the periods of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine, the Venetian Republic, the Austro-Hungarian Empire to the present day which can be found all over the region.

With the aim of providing new experiences and motive to visit outside the summer season, in the last decade many facilities and offers have been developed with emphasis on an active holiday, wellness, golf and gourmet experiences. Istria is intersected with well-marked bike paths designed for both recreationists and mountain biking enthusiasts (see more on Modern and nicely decorated wellness centres situated in the finest Istrian hotels provide relaxing moments during the autumn and winter, while a golf course near Savudrija with accompanying facilities will satisfy the needs of even the most experienced golfers. The climate in Istria makes it an area where many wild plants grow, with the gastronomically most interesting being the white truffle of exceptional quality which can be tasted in many restaurants and taverns during the autumn and early winter. Istria is also known as the ''land of good wine'', with the best-known being the autochthonous Istrian Malvasia and Teran; it is also an area with ideal conditions for olive oil manufacture. You can read more about this and about the rich culinary offer of Istria on

Whether you're looking for a family holiday, a short break from your hectic everyday life, an active holiday or culinary experiences, we are certain that Istria is the region that will provide you with experiences and moments which you will remember forever.

Welcome to Istria! 

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