"One of the best views in Istria is offering from Vizinada."

Vizinada is a picturesque medieval town located in the northwest of Istria in the middle of the triangle formed by Groznjan, Motovun and Kastelir. Total area of the municipality of Vizinada is spreading over 36 km2 and has about 1,100 inhabitants.

According to the records, Vizinada is about one thousand years old. It rised after it was settled by inhabitants of the former Ruzar, a castle, back from prehistoric ages, located about 2 km from Vizinada. It is assumed that the place was inhabited until the beginning of the 15th century when its inhabitants moved to todays Vizinada.

"At the very entrance in Vizinada, from the hill of St. Thomas, spreads the beautiful view at the fertile vineyards that are growing on red and white soil, gentle wooded hills full of various fruits, where Motovun, Zavrsje and other small medieval towns boast themselves, green fields dotted with flowers, rich valley of the river Mirna and above of them all, wide celestial „hat“ giving the viewer a feeling of complete freedom.

Its streets eagerly await every traveler, offering history and curiosities, which not many small towns can boast with. The street, named Carlotta Grisi, famous ballerina of the 19th century, with a light rhythm will testify about her birth and first steps danced in very Vizinada. The same named square, where the old tank with two wells has found its place, is proud of the Venetian coat of arms and an old warehouse behind it, which keeps the engraved Winged lion and a plaque with the engraved levies from the ancient port of Bastia which are talking about past times.

In addition to the historical and cultural monuments, lush vineyards which  due to the quality of the earth bring forth wines of extraordinary bouquets, remarkable cuisine enchanted with fruits of this picturesque place, the old town of Vizinada also offers unique recreational delights at the renovated railroad Parenzana, the former railway connection between Porec and Trieste. At 123 kilometers long route, walkers and cyclists will pass through untouched forests, beautiful small towns, stone villages, mystical tunnels, cross the solid viaducts and marvel to the diversity of landscapes and colors that this place really is rich with. " 

It seems that the very Phoenicians and Greeks brought wine to Istria. The ancient natives, Histri, successfully mastered the skills of growing the precious plant, as well as wine production. Vizinada i san Istrian municipality with nearly one million planted grapevines. One of the famous winemakers in this area are: Elido Pilato, Arman Franc, Gerzinic Marko, Rossi, Arman Marijan, Deklic, Ferenac, Rossi Pino, Sosich.

Iti s already a tradition that the last Sunday in September recreational cycling marathon Parenzana is held. It is named after the old railway rout that passed through Vizinada and the early 20th century connecting Porec and Trieste. Cyclists and recreational literally of all ages are gathering here. Except of the recreational bicycle race, here is held also a hiking and mountain bike racing for the professionals. After every marathon follows lunch and frendly socializing all accompanied with a gaiety.

Municipality of Vizinada increasingly finds the funcionality in developing the offer of  the holiday homes and villas with swimming pool. The surrounding places, located at the hillsides that are surrounding Vizinada, are ideal for building a house with a swimming pool. This houses are well-manned also outside of the summer months and they realize a significant contribution to the development of the whole region. In addition to wine production, rental of the holiday home has become one of the most important economic activities of the municipality.

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