Tinjan, a small town located in central Istria, distant 21 km from Porec, was for the first time mentioned in Roman times when it was called Attinianum. At that time, Tinjan guarded Porec ager borders from insufficient romanized interior of the peninsula and monitored the road to Tarsatika. In the Middle Ages it becomes one of the pillars of Pazin estate of Maynard Crnogradski and together with Pazin Castle becomes through marital connection under the regency of Gorica Counts. The Tinjan fortress guarded, often attacked, west borderline towards the Aquileia patriarch and from the 1374 until the arrival of Napoleon, for its new owners - the imperial Habsburg family, it guarded borderline of Pazin county from Venetians. Although located at the borderline, Tinjan has never been a standard fortress. From 1578 it was called – the city.

Tinjan declared itself  in 2006  as the municipality of prosciutto due to the superior products of Tinjan's  prosciutto makers. Every year, in October, in Tinjan it is held International prosciutto fair-ISAP. This fair brings together around 30 producers of prosciutto from various European countries - Portugal, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France and of course Croatia, and within two days of the fair, Tinjan is visited by over 25,000 fans of this delicacy.

In addition to prosciutto Tinjan has profiled itself as an attractive rural tourist destination in which territory are located about 50 luxury facilities for rent, mostly holiday homes with a swimming pool, which annually generate over 20,000 overnight stays. Taking into consideration rich Istrian taverns and restaurants cuisine, it can be said with pride that the rural tourism becomes one of the strategic guidelines of the development of the municipality of Tinjan. In addition to accommodation offer, the mission is further developement of a tourism potential of the municipality, so in the past seven years 35 miles long bike trail called " Od lokve do lokve " has been arranged. The name was derived from the fact that the cycling path is connecting old Tinjan's ponds that have been restored and  on every puddle there is a rest point for holiday cyclists. Recreational cycling is held twice a year and it brings together over 200 participants.

In this time of large retail chains and industrial food production, Tinjan has recognized the need to organize association of local ecological (organic) food producers. It was founded in 2011 with the aim of better promotion and more successful branding of organic products from Istria. The association named „Istria Ecopark“ currently has ten members.

And for the end one more curiosity, significant tradition of this place is a blacksmith trade and a well-known Tinjan's Kosiri (Kosir - universal tool, a weapon, once a status symbol and part of the Istrian tradition), and due to that on festivity Simunja, in Tinjan is traditionally held festival of pruning hooks- „kosiri“  and other blacksmith forging products from all over Istria.

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