The municipality of Svetvincenat is located in the southern part of central Istria, with total area of  80 km2 and about 2,000 residents. Svetvincenat, Savicenta, San Vincent, three names for the same place, which derived from the name of its patron, Hispanic martyr St. Vincent and from the eponymous abbey around which the town developed.

The beginnings of Svetvincent are usually associated with the Benedictine monks from Ravenna, which one community in the 6th century settled in this, rich with timber area, inside the feud of St. Apollinaris. Well known as a hard workers, Benedictines, have been the first who cleared the forests, after which they have cultivated red soil and built a dwelling and church with which they have attracted the first settlers. In one of the old documents that is mentioning Savicenta, „Istarski razvod“, probably from the year 1325, written in Croatian with Glagolitic letter, in German and Latin, describes the march of the committee of Aquileia's Patriarch and Porec-Pazin's prince Albert IV., allong Istria, with the purpose to set the borders and landmarks.

In Savicenta dominates the stone castle Morosini-Grimani which is the best preserved castle in Istria. The first castle was built at the beginning of the 13th century, a turbulent years of war have resulted in the destruction and often in renewal and changing the look of the castle, and besides that the owners of the property frequently changed. The current shape of castel was obtained in the year 1589, when Marino Grimani, by the design of the Venetian architects Scamozzij and Campagna, renewed burned castle. In the last decade, considerable effort has been made in the reconstruction and renovation of the castle Morosini Grimani as a initiator of the developement of the whole place in which was invested more than 3 million kuna.

The rich history and cultural tangible and intangible heritage have contributed to the development of this small central place in Istria, which annually attracts more than 60,000 visitors with 70,000 realized overnight stays. With investment in the additional tourist offer it is aimed to contribute to the development of the cultural, historical, religious, rural, and also wine and gastro tourism. In this area are also developed an active holiday in nature, and all-year mountain and sport tourism, cycling and hiking trails with themed routes.

The municipality of Svetvincenat revives tourism offer through various events held at the attractive historical sites which promote the tradition, culture and gastronomy of Istria. At the main square are held the traditional Festival of dance and non-verbal theatre, Festival of cheese, medieval Festival „Mrkat istrijanskega dela“, which represents exhibition of old Istrian crafts and souvenirs, then the plays perfomed by Istra Inspirit, exhibit of the best goat, Festival of the must wine...

Although is a small town and with relatively short history, compared to the other places in Istria, Svetvincenat has, with a dedicated work and enthusiasm of its tourist workers, become a place that attracts many visitors and more importantly keeps young people at the residence in this area. Together with the development of the touristic offer it develops a need for additional tourist accommodation, so in the area of Svetvincenat many holiday homes and villas with swimming pool have been built or renovated for this purpose.

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