Oprtalj is a municipality in north Istria, with about 1000 citizens it spreads on 60 km2. Oprtalj lies on a hill on the north side of Motovun and is one of the picturesque small towns in Istria. 

During the roman time, there was a military station in this area, the different writings and fragments found here prove it. Oprtalj was an estate of the German feudal lords in the middle age and since 1209 it belongs to the Patriarchate of Aquileia till the collapse of its power in 1420. After that, the municipality comes under the reign of Venice till its downfall in 1789. The reign of the Venetians left the biggest trace in the architecture in this area. After a short rule of France, the Austrians and then the Italian take over, since the liberation in 1945 it has been annexed to Yugoslavia with the rest of Istria.

Every year the „Alpe Adria Folk Fest“ is held, orchestras from Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Croatia perform. In the same time the black truffle fair is organized where also producers of wine, olive oil and honey are introduced. In the evening hours, a promotional tasting of black truffle invites everyone to join. Livade, a place near Oprtalj, are well-known as the centre of the famous white truffle. Visiting the “Tuberfest” during October is a perfect place for the introduction and tasting of traditional Istrian products. On the exhibition, a jury evaluates and rewards the white truffles which can be bought on the auction, the visitors can also see how specially trained dogs search for this valued underground mushroom. 

Travelling either by foot or by bike you will find incredible landscapes, forests, caves, creeks, old houses, mills and friendly local people who are always ready for a “ćakula” (small talk in Istria). The rural and the hunting tourism are the main advantages of development in this region. For guest who would like to stay and enjoy the peace in this area away from the city and noise, on fresh air with good food, there are renovated holiday homes and villas with pool available.

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