Municipality of Kanfanar is located in the central part of Istria in the middle of the triangle formed by the cities Pazin, Pula and Porec. It has about 1600 inhabitants and extends over 60 km2.

The oldest known document which is mentioning Kanfanar, dates from 1096.g. Kanfanar began to develop into a larger place when the inhabitants of Dvigrad, beaten down by malaria and wars, in 1630, began to migrate to Kanfanar. In the early 17th century in Dvigrad lived about 150 families while in 1650. there stayed only three families. Dvigrad is now a ghost town and its  remains, which are very well preserved, represent typical medieval castle- town open for the public.

Today's municipality of Kanfanar has important historically role as a transport hub. In the late 19th century, a railroad to Pula with a large train station and its supporting facilities together with a junction for Rovinj were built. Also a pipeline was constructed, which supplied steam engines with water all the way from the Lim Bay. Afterwards, through the Lim Bay, the road that connected Kanfanar and Mrgane was built, connecting in that way the north and south side of Lim. However, when the railway traffic began to fade and after the tourism has significantly started to develop on the Istrian coast, Kanfanar increasingly started to lose its strategic role of a transport hub, until the 1990's of the 20th century when a semi-higway (fast road) Istrian Y, was built, with the main junction just in Kanfanar and viaduct over the Lim Bay.

Municipality of Kanfanar is now a place which has various offer, from the review of an authentic Istrian ox – „boskarin“ to cycling and excursion trails until traditional Istrian agritourism. In the surrounding places, many old stone houses were renovated and swimming pools built. This holiday homes are rented mostly in a summer season and are realizing a significant contribution to the number of overnight stays in the municipality. New houses with swiming pool have been built also for sale and they represent, not only in this municipality, a very important initiator in the construction after the financial crisis.

Due to its position, Kanfanar is an excellent choice for persons who want to spend their vacation in a holiday house in central Istria and to be distant only 15 minutes by car from the city center, for example Rovinj, probably the most picturesque Istrian town with rich cultural, historical and other tourist attractions in which vicinity are numerous well maintained beaches. Rovinj is widely known as a naturist destination while at the northern part of the coastal area of Rovinj is located a nudist beach.

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