Groznjan is a place in north-western Istria, between Buje and Vizinada. With almost 1000 citizens it spreads on 66 km2.

The area around Groznjan experienced a boom during the rule of Austria. Thanks to the construction of the railway „Parenzana“ (in 1902) the trade developed and the agricultural production increased. Wine, oil, eggs and other agricultural products were sold in Koper and Triest. According to the 1910 census there were 1658 citizens living in the town centre of Groznjan and 4028 citizens in the whole municipality. Groznjan had a doctor, post office, school, lawyer, public notary, oil factory, bakery, groceries and clothing shops, two butchers, a few inns and other artisans: shoemaker, blacksmith, tailor, carpenter, … The fall of Austria, the arrival of the Italian rule and the beginning of the world economic crisis had a great influence on this region. In the 1920s the economic migration in Groznjan began – many were searching for jobs in Italy and overseas.

Groznjan was declared the city of artists in 1965. The artists initiated the revival of the city. The members of the Slovenian and Croatian Association of artists populated the city and saved it from further ruining. The sculptor Aleksandar Rukavina organized and synchronized the activities. The artists organised an artist colony in the abandoned houses that later turned into homes and working places for many of them. The International Cultural Centre of Croatian Musical Youth operates today in Groznjan. Their action has greatly changed the meaning of Groznjan and made it a recognizable world-wide artistic and cultural destination.

Due to the value and beauty is the area of Groznjan more and more interesting to old stone house lovers. Many of them are left to ruin because of the unresolved property relations but there also a lot of them find buyers interested to live here or to renovate the houses into holiday homes. Old houses are renovated following the newest modern trends but also respecting the tradition of this region, as new villas with swimming pool they represent a true work of art. 

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