The municipality Gracisce lies in the eastern part of central Istria, 8 km east from Pazin. With 1500 citizens, it spreads on 60 km2.

Gracisce is a medieval town of rich history and culture. 2000 years ago, the ancient Gals have given the name Gallignana. The Slavs began to populate Istria at the turn of the 6th into the 7th century and changed the name into Gracisce. The first mention of the name Gracisce in written documents was in the year 1199. Gracisce was a summer residence for 35 bishops of Pican. Bishop Gegory from Carinthia dedicated the church in 1425 into Blessed Virgin Mary on the square.

The traditional commitment to wine production is an occasion for the already popular annual Exhibition of wines of central Istria. The beauty and uniqueness of the cultural and historical Heritage in the preserved landscape are the greatest value of Gracisce that attracts every day more curious visitors. Gracisce is visited by enthusiasts who enjoy the tranquillity of the streets that lead to the high bell tower and church of the 18th century. On the lawn surrounding the church opens a wide view of the spacious hilly landscape of Istria, which merges on the horizon with the heights of Ucka.

The preserved landscape inspired many of the households to engage in rural tourism by renting holiday homes. Modern tourists search for places like Gracisce for their holiday, away from the unbearable heat and the summer rumble in the touristic places, but only in half an hour distant from the beach. Gracisce and the surrounding area offer great potential in renting holiday homes and villas with swimming pool and are a good opportunity for renovating them.

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