Buzet, together with the surrounding area covers 165 km2 with around 6,000 inhabitants. Area of Buzet is located in the most northern part of Istrian inland, in the middle of three major urban centers: Rijeka, Trieste and Pula. The old town of Buzet is located at 150 m high hill above the fertile valley of the Mirna River, while the newer part of the city called Fontana, develops at the base of the hill.

Pinquentum - Pilsent - Plzet - Blzet - Pinguente - Buzet

This city on the conical hill was essentially prehistoric ruin shaped like acropolis, whose top once was reachable only walking upward circular. The settlement was established in Roman times, but different nationalities started to arrive at the time of great migrations. Last came the Croats and they stayed at the bottom of the hill.

On the road near the Roc which leads towards Hum, was made the Alley of Glagolitic priests long 7 km, in memory of the Glagolitic letter. Glagolitic is an old Croatian alphabet which was created in the middle 9th century, and that it has been held at this area, right up to the 19th century.

The specificity of Buzet is its dialect. In Croatia there are 3 main dialects, Stokavski , Kajkavski and Chakavski. It is interesting that the whole region of Istria has chakavski dialect, except Buzet and its area which have kajkavski.

Buzet is well known for its beer production: "Favorit" made in Buzet brewery (BUP). At the southern side of Buzet there is St. Ivan water spring of which purified water started the construction of the Istrian water supply system and therefore also the water distribution for whole Istrian area. Near the place Sovinjak is located Minjera (from the italian word "miniera" - mine), oldest bauxite finding in Europe. In the valley of Mirna River under the Sovinjak in Istria, bauxit was exploated 400 years ago and in the 1808. it was published the first professional review about the bauxit used for production of vitriol and alum. 

Buzet is a town in Istria, which is the farthest from the sea, what have not influenced at the touristic development of this area. Due to its specific features the area of Buzet is rich with excursion opportunities and due to that numerous vacationers are visiting this place.

One of the most valuable feature of this place is certainly untouched nature. Its beautiful natural landscapes that blend coastal and mountainous landscape with numerous hills with Mirna river valley. Because of the geografical features of this area unique view is made from the slopes of the hills and considering that on almost every hilltop is  located a small village, the holiday houses in these places provide wonderful view. This is one of the main reasons why more and more people decide to invest in holiday houses and villas with swimming pool in these areas. For the same reason occupancy of the holiday houses in Buzet area can be compared with one in places much closer to the sea.

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